Feeling Better

No, the cold hasn't abated. I just gave myself a proper shave. Compensating for PdP No. 63's salinity, I omitted baking soda from my "perfect" shave, and applied the pumpkin pop directly on top of oil. My bowl-lathered foam had a dry start, and wasn't as luxurious as it could have been, but a little extra water made it good enough, and pass 2 was normal. Maybe a splash of water before the juice, next time. Third pass was not catching much, could have been pick-ups only below the jawline. That nice, clear ending that I like.

The stratum corneum was reassuringly visible today. It got a little milky, but not tacky. I think that helped keep the alum off my nerve endings. My technique was far from perfect with the Rimei, so I was surprised by the apparent lack of damage. (An hour post-shave, I do begin to feel some rawness under the jaw.) Finished with dilute Lime Sec and a drop of Shave Secret. (Could be the menthol.)

My plan was to continue chewing through my SS blade collection, the least preferred of my suitable edges, with a new Rapira, but things were soft enough today that it might last. Best of all, I got a close shave.

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