Clean, Comfortable Head Shaves

It's been better shaving since I left my nicks to recover, got caught up in a tight schedule, and found that the subsequent shave, after skipping nearly a whole day, was the best yet. Allowing 100% efficiency on the WTG pass, longer stubble shields the skin and ensures that every follicle gets a nice tug. Hysteresis may be real -- over the time span of several minutes between passes.

To be more specific, since I'm not in this for marketing, I think it takes 36 hours for my stubble to emerge completely, so I cannot get an ideally close shave every 24 hours. I have to save up my growth for special occasions, like Thanksgiving perhaps.

Getting a good few shaves -- top and bottom -- from Shark Super Chrome in the Travel Tech with Yingjili 8306-L handle. Holding nothing back, now, it is tremendously easy to generate leverage in a variety of previously very awkward positions around the back of my head. My thumb has taken the top spot on the handle, much of the time, ironically making me feel a bit like an ape. As long as it doesn't get too skippy, control is sufficient.