Exfoliation Is Go

We have shave-off! It's so stupid, really, that I find shaving with the Dragonfeng FUN. What is it about putting the skin at risk that is so enjoyable? Well, in this case, the end of winter means I have a more pliable, thicker epidermis to play with. I can shave the horny layer down thin, and not see a lifetime of bad choices in my connective tissue. I have a high-glycerine soap I can tolerate now, and a new understanding of how to take advantage of it. There is a physical craving to expose my nerve endings to more sensation.

But danger is exciting, too, I have to admit. For a DE guy, the Yuma, R-41, devette, and this Chinese Yuma clone have the power to bring you back to the beginning, when shaving was like bowling. Not pro bowling, where you cry over anything that isn't a strike, or even the bowling where you have your own ball, shoes and a towel; the bowling where you take a ball off the rack, and the gutter is always a possibility. These are sporting razors. A challenge, with a sensual reward.

I forgot how tight I ought to have been gripping until second pass, and I think that's why I had a good crop of weepers in my chin creases. You don't have to loosen the blade on this thing to get more flex than you need. So I stopped after two, and still got a really nice shave. When you damage skin in a sulcus, it's sort of self-compressing.

I took a pass on the alum after that, but pushed my luck again with some moisturizer after a couple hours.

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