Perfection. Efficiency. Luxury. I know I've already mentioned one historical root of the modern "meme," but today I'm reminded of those dorm-room posters with a picture of a woman's torso, a Lamborghini, and... was it a Lear jet? I never indulged in such fantasies, even as a young man, so I wouldn't expect perfect memory on this. But after a "perfect" Williams shave today, I think I'm at the decision point with regard to shaving media.

And the answer, of course, is, "I WANT IT ALL!" Half of my Rapira was ruined, I noticed upon inspecting afterward, and I still got a great shave with the complete hair softening treatment. It was a weeper in the other chin crease that sent the blade to recycling. The stratum corneum, intact and natural looking, a distinct improvement over the moisturized look of the past couple days.

My new precision-buffing finish technique has stuck, making me feel more like a barber than ever. Steve Faragher told a great story about his confidence leading to shaving a friend with a shavette, and having to abandon it after massacring his face. This is why we have barber licenses. I've offered to shave my family before, and luckily, they declined. But I really think I could do it now!

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