Diminished Returns

The brandless shavette I bought turned out to be pretty good in the metal, and disappointing in the plastic. The "scales," if you could call them that, don't fit parallel, and were seemingly designed that way, diverging at the end where the knife attaches. The profile is also not tapered enough there, effectively ejecting one finger from the grip. So I know, right off the bat, I'm going to have to make scales for this piece of shit at some point. I've apparently also funded fraud against the Feather brand, as the product image showed "Feather," but came "Jifonli" ("Shanghai, China").

On the other hand, a tight action made backhand strokes alot more casual. So it handles like the Sedef, but with different grips, which I know makes little sense... I've always focused on the blade, not my grip. It engendered enough foolish confidence that I upped my second pass to XTG, and lazily went ATG on my neck and the ipsilateral side of my face, for some sore spots. The shave is passable, and the blade felt safe and perfect, but the result was still nothing special.

I mean, why bother? In case I have to shave someone else someday? The Merkur OC did an awesome job keeping the blade off my skin this weekend. The Old Type pretty near killed straight razors, and those at least have romantic appeal.

Speaking of romance, my wife negated all of my late efforts to smell better. She said I smelled "nice" as I got into the car for our holiday trip to her folks'. Skin Bracer and just-like Brut. Here I thought she was a liberal, and it turns out she's a sexist! Well, she does a lot to accommodate my preferences, so I guess the least I can do is make myself smell right.

The highlight of my weekend in shaving was seeing the last of the keratosis emerge from my cheek, after a shower preceding our journey. Kind of like a scab, but white and clear, I found it hanging off my face when I approached the mirror to shave. It was still affixed firmly enough that the towel couldn't knock it off, and it had to be deliberately pulled off of me, leaving a tiny, shallow, raggedy hole, like a leech had been there. It's completely healed today, barely a pink spot. No scar, for once! Yay!

I've had other successes as well, in streamlining the delivery of fluids. Instead of diluting aftershave in the cloth, I rinse as thoroughly as I can, then leave my face wet. Once the aftershave is applied atop the water, I lift it all off with my cloth.

After all our time in the minivan, we went swimming last night, ruining my hair. I applied my pumpkin juice popsicle directly to dry hair, then wet with a spray bottle, for an instant de-frizz. No glycerin, no oil. Worked like hair spray!

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