Stay Classic This Easter

No, I'm not growing a 70's stache. And my perennial profile pic is from Movember past. My lip is naked, but it still amuses me. Besides, I recently found out that keeping the same avatar proves that you're not a narcissist.

So I found out that the magic words, to find out what's new in shavettes on ebay, are "straight edge razor." Does NOBODY believe in search anymore? After a few hours idly browsing, crashing, disconnecting and reconnecting my keyboard, I decided that I would actually be able to stay under $10 with my new shavette -- by finding the same product on Amazon. It seems to be a similar design as the Sedef, which I actually like very much, but an upgrade all around, hopefully. If you were shopping along with me, I think I can share my search results via "collections" on the ebay profile. Just remember, please  -- ebay sucks! Your buyer protection is effectively 0% when you use PayPal, because they make you send the fraudulent junk back to the seller.

Meanwhile, I was considering grinding a larger radius onto the corners of my DE blades when it occurred to me, DUH, that I have a perfectly good safety razor that never shaves too close, and that is the Merkur 1904 Open Comb. I gave my skin the treatment I know it normally likes -- Noxzema, oil, and Arko -- and saved the pumpkin juice for an experimental sinus wash. My wife says the air is dry in our house, but I don't think that's true. The biome is definitely changing around here. Maybe I can exfoliate the bugs inside my nose before they get dug in for the summer.

Anyway, three passes with the blade tightened down good left the skin to its own devices. I'll juice it again now, but it's not as hot as yesterday. I could still feel the BiC damage when I put on the Noxzema, so I skipped the alum and used dilute Florida Water. Mmm.. gotta get me some Happy Cola now.

Catch you all after the holiday (speaking of candy). Interesting thing about Easter eggs -- high in hyaluronic acid. My finger joints have been cracking and occasionally painful in the morning. How about yours? Maybe my daughter was less erroneous than it seems...

Uh-oh, someone let an atheist in on the fun!
...if the skin degrades vitamin D into esters that signal tissue development, which could put a nutritional strain on hyaluronic acid production.

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