Shave Every Day

The most positive spin I can put on this nasty film of spring skin is that it could nurture a deeper, collagenous regeneration. You know how babies are born covered in slime? So I'm sworn to protect it, and I don't feel like shaving, but I gotta do better than yesterday. It didn't look terrible this morning, but it certainly wasn't going to be socially acceptable to skip a day.

Possible solution #2: BiC and Barbasol. Pro: it's idiot proof (for me -- you never really know how a modern shaver will suit you until you buy it, but to be clear, this is the non-Sensitive, white-handled Bic 1). There will be no scar-inducing injury. Con: fixed angle will unavoidably exfoliate, albeit lightly, and perfectly evenly. Barbasol is also a mixed bag, of cushion and moisturizer. The real draw is that I don't really feel like I'm "shaving," and thus, not fighting my feelings.

I never made note, but there was a period, shortly after coming up with my guidelines for older and younger shavers, when my skin felt TOO young (!), and was popping up zits. I'm pretty sure that was the wave of growth that I'm seeing die off now, so maybe it's not all attributable to vitamin D and the change of season. I might have asked for it. What brings this to mind now, is a flaky spot on my forehead that was the worst sore at that time.

The "mask" was less milky, and more shredded. I used alum to hold back some Skin Bracer, and didn't moisturize. I'm a little dry and uncomfortable now, in a not-quite burning sort of way, so I'm going to hit it with pumpkin juice.

Oh -- I looked into the M. Charles shavette, and it's only for injectors. What I need, actually, is a vintage Weck. Even better.

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