Pull My Stubble

No, go on... nothing bad is going to happen, I promise! I wonder what kind of old fart I'm going to be: the "pull my finger" type, the "what's behind your ear" magician, or perhaps, the horrifying severed thumb?  I imagine there is a correlation between the first type and regular use of SE razors. That morning arthritis isn't going away; I better make up my character quick. I've been doing cold water shaves for many months now, but my finger joints might change my mind for me.

I chose the Clog-Pruf today in order to complete the really-old school trifecta. Washed with water, face lathered Arko, no shaving oil. It's been awhile, and I could tell the new strokes near midline were helping me overcome the natural tugginess of the Micromatic's low-angle bias, much as they had informed my straight technique. I was more patient with this, though, because there was no struggle to find a grip, no beat-the-clock against drying lather. I followed the normal progression from low to moderate angle on passes 1 and 2, then dropped it back to low for a safe, but tuggy finishing pass.

It felt good, like a follicular massage. Alum gave me some prickles, but nowhere near the damage from the shavette. DFS, and I can see how a guy could get used to that, particularly when bracketed by the Merkur OC with its minimal skin contact, and the relatively hazardous straight edge. Just-like Brut was the perfect dressing.

Another DE has been beckoning me, though: the Long Feng DF-813. Danger!

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