Water: The Ideal Moisturizer and Exfoliator

Confession time: I didn't continue the foot-washing as I originally intended, after the experiment was done. Once, I treated with pumpkin juice, and next day washed with Ivory, and maybe juiced again when I was done. I'm not sure what I did, but I remember the gooey feeling on the cloth as i tried to get as much of the SC off as I could. Maybe the left foot was worse. But then I felt pretty good, and my feet didn't look ten years older than me, and I forgot about it.

Today, heeding the wisdom of the FIRST website, I stuck my foot in a tub of water and rubbed with a stone. No goo. Some cloudiness of water, but no dramatic slough-off. Some parts of the heel callus remain. But I can continue this easily enough, and I think I will keep using the pumpkin juice, too.

I'm done with moisturizer. Don't need it. My visibly great shave from a couple days ago, turned to shit after an hour or so because of the residues left in my tissue. I think that's what the "lightest" kind of burn is, now. The one that pumpkin juice completely addresses. The substrata swell, and the SC needs another tension adjustment, or else it splits.

But if the soap is on the dry side (Williams) or balanced (Arko, PdP), my skin can maintain balance. I just have to worry about the hair softening.

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