Streamlined Casual

The Merkur OC didn't care for taking on hard, wiry hair at a low angle, and gave me a patchy shave yesterday, so I rolled out the big gun: Schmidt R10, on the two-piece solid brass "travel" handle that is actually the heaviest handle in my collection. Not Cadet brand, but the same thing. With a terrible cold, I needed to take it easy.

The most effort went into pre-shave, with a hot washcloth to wipe off four drops of Shave Secret. I face lathered PdP, and didn't get burnt. I guess I've adapted to it. With a terrible noise, the Jianyu SS blade coughed up the final, uneventful shave of its short life. Looking at the edge, I could see no glint from the overhead light: even without a microscope, visibly jagged. But who cares? I didn't let it get anywhere near my skin. Two passes, and I didn't even go ATG above the jaw. I used square strokes the way modern shavers use ATG to avoid shaving close.

The new thing was, a less fussy, more mindul post-shave. Didn't dry my face, just wiped alum over it, and rinsed that with a single spray of water, which I did dab with the cloth. I let the cologne do the restof the rinsing work today, figuring I had to back it off anyway. I thought of the polyhedrons in my face expanding into spheres, rather than acting out of fear of pain. I even risked (gasp) immediate moisturizing.

I'm not liking my prickly cheeks after 2xWTG, and they're a little warm, too. At least where i went ATG is velvety.

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