The Pumpkin Alliance

You know, the more I think about pumpkin juice vs. the cosmeceuticals, the more natural its effectiveness seems. I think it hinges on the idea of what constitutes a "dimer." Does it have to be the same molecule? That may be "sterically favorable," but if a pumpkin has an array of small carboxylic acids, they could hydrogen bond with each other in a factorial number of assortments. As the composition of the lamellar membrane of the SC varies, various solubility properties are obviously advantageous. We would probably like other layers of skin to reorganize in conjunction, also, for which a range of penetrance is helpful.

I would compare it to the rag-tag fleet of the Rebel Alliance in Star Wars, amassed over whatever single-minded dreadnought the evil Empire has brought this time.

"It's not a spin trap!"
I doubt George Lucas would have gone this deep for a metaphor -- "Mon Calamari"? Groan. On the other hand, the citric acid cycle is implied by the Force, as mitochondria obviously inspired "midi-chlorians." I found a "new" acid in my reading, propionic acid, which is said to have a B.O.-like aroma. That's because B.O.-producing bacteria make it, which finally makes a connection to summer sweat and the safe, but not very close shaves I enjoy after lawnmowing. Lookie what else it can do:

Diabetes, check. I thought I tasted a little cat piss! A plan for my teeth has coalesced. I'm going to use the juice only occasionally, to get deep tartar and release the tensions that would otherwise lead to abfracture. Did I tell you, my teeth made little crunchy-crispy noises the first time? Like ice getting colder. But not the second time, and I think I also detected a tinge of yellow developing. Bentonite added to glycerin toothpaste keeps the dynamite at the surface, for a stain-fighting changeup. I'll go back to baking soda or oil for daily cleaning, proven safe.

The one thing the decomposing curcurbit doesn't seem to have, that it really needs for shaving utility, is that protein-deforming, hair-pineconing ability of baking soda. I still think it will always be better to DIY than develop a commercial juice, though.

A pumpkin a year, no dermatologists around here.

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