Male Enhancement And Williams

I wasn't really liking what I saw in the mirror, this bright, Monday morning. The hair thing worked out great -- pumpkin juice was the equivalent of a Brazilian blowout, I think they call it, having a persistent restructuring effect on my hair. It only lacked a certain softness. So I brought out my bentonite clay and kabuki brush, dusted the hair then sprayed it with water, for what I call "the lake effect."

Brushing my teeth with pumpkin juice seems to have dropped a double chin down out of my tongue area, and into the shave area. That, too, might be a good thing: I have been prone to cramps in my tongue on over-extension. I'm still no Gene Simmons, but I think I have gained some mobility.

If your mind immediately leapt to another potential application of pumpkin juice, a sexual application -- I'm already there, and I think it's plausible. Timing the treatment is a bit of a problem, but the Viagra crowd reading this should have no difficulty. Did you know that prostitutes are big on cologne, as a post-coital sanitizer? (I saw it on Netflix.) Thanks, girls, for keeping the cost low! They might be appreciating the toning property as well.

I've had a feeling the past week (the third week of March, let's say for posterity) that my skin has undergone the opposite of the autumn transition, and is asking for different treatment. Vitamin D synthesis has been re-initiated, I think, despite some pretty harsh arctic winds lately. I went for a walk with the family this weekend and froze my cheeks off. Numbing cold. But the warmth of the sun could still be felt at sheltered curves in the bike path.

Since I already had the bentonite out, and I know it has a drying effect on its own, I decided to use it as preshave. I dusted my face, then wet it down with a spray bottle, and rubbed like it was a cleanser, and rinsed. I think maybe it did pull some oil out of my forehead. Williams was then the obvious, dry choice. I even skipped the oil.

And that's when the fun began, because my humble Williams was suddenly slick and wet, long-lasting and... well, I still won't say "creamy," but rich enough. The shave reminded me of PdP, because the hair wasn't softened at all, and I think I killed another blade. I wonder if some of the fuss about Williams reformulation is actually attributable to advancements in water filtration.

In an effort keep it clean, I toned with pumpkin juice and backed it off with a wet cloth. However, an itch beset me at drydown, and I had to go back for some Dollar Tree blue aftershave.

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