Exfoliation Is Stop

For an extra challenge, I pitted the DF-813 against a taut prep of Noxzema and Williams, no oil. The result after two passes was neither as close nor as comfortable as with the PdP, and I even managed to nick my jawline, where the razor was apparently not up to speed before contact. Oh, well, can't win 'em all. My consolation prize today was that I picked the last "thing" off my forehead.

I'd like to be able to declare freedom from gross lesions, finally, but a zit is festering near my right eye, high on the cheekbone. After it heals, I think I'm going to give YouTube a shot, so you guys can finally see my crazy shaving techniques. Well, in a couple weeks, anyway. I have a terrible bathroom for video, with overhead incandescent lighting. I could literally scare people away from shaving. But plans for a window-washer-style camera platform made of clothesline and cardboard have been developing in my head. I think I can even get some lighting suspended. It's gonna be awesome! Not a "channel," or anything like that -- just a complementary educational facility.

Meanwhile, I found this hero at the mirror recently:
Cheaper AND better looking than me, but like me, settled on Noxzema and Williams with a classic-style razor. Sold me on jojoba oil... placing order now.

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