Valiant Demise of the Hair Shaper Blade

I'll stand by the advice given in the Disquisitions: assess blade wear on WTG, and if it isn't taking away enough hair, don't push it. But this was the first Personna long hair shaper blade to die before the onslaught of my beard, and I wanted to know the character of the blade and the tool. So I assessed skin damage instead. I pushed and sliced, tugged and cut, and completed a high-tension shave in two and a half passes. I only really buried the edge in my follicles below the jawline, but took some ATG swipes at the buttresses.

I did prepare with the most protective jojoba, witch hazel solution (low alcohol), and Arko. The neck was really just inaccessible, since the required light oblique strokes were no longer effective. I accidentally buried the heel of the blade in my Adam's apple, for the cut of the day, trying to push XTG harder. All of the alum sting, accordingly, was on the neck, with some feedback where I went steep on the chin.

The skin distress overall is recognizable, being like a DEvette after a comparable number of shaves. I can find some stubble stroking backward, again in that spot below the sideburn, but the overall impression is very smooth. If not for the injury, it would be a DFS; but for me, that's just too big an "if." Hopefully, knowing the complete range of applicable forces and angles will inform my technique as it did with DE.

Seems like a terrible waste of metal to throw away such a thick blade, so I tried to rescue the edges of this and the recently deceased SE blade, too, using the new shavette as a holder. I de-burred on the bottom of a ceramic cup, then draged them over a doubled newspaper for 50 laps. Perhaps not surprisingly, but still disappointingly, they wouldn't cut hair after that. So I recycled, as intended by design.

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