In For A Penny

I thought the Rimei could help me get it back, the soft fullness of a complete epidermis, but I guess it's going to take some time. Oopsie -- too close again! This time I started with skin-strengthening witch hazel solution (low alcohol version, Dollar Tree), and persisted with the hair-hardening PdP No. 63.

Maybe the soap IS a problem. Right away, WTG felt more aggressive than I wanted it to be. I recollect that it didn't help hair present itself for the Merkur, either.  It seems that the hair is somewhat bowled over before the cut is initiated, forcing a steeper pitch.Also, palm stropping the Rapira afterward, I think I felt the edges were folded over. I have documented asymmetrical edges on Rapira before.

Many suspects, but ultimately, I bear the responsibility under judge alum. I like nice smells, and I'm cheap. Sentence: five seconds of burn.


  1. Ever tried the Lord LP1822L razor? just got one last week. I rate it somewhere between my Merkur 33c and my Rimei. Cheap and got some great shaves.

    Soap is always a problem. I had a friend send me some homemade honey soap with all kinds of oils, etc. in it. Lathered it up and slapped it on. When I put the razor to it I thought it was super glue! Like to never got my brush clean! Take a hint. Avoid honey based soaps!

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