Nope -- Still Can't Shave Like a Barber

I can blow off housework any day of the week, and all the kids are in school, but Sunday still seems like the best day to try shaving with a disposable straight razor. A nice breakfast in me, featuring the single spear of asparagus to emerge from the weeds before I busted sod... I think it's the demonstration of self-indulgence that makes it special. I think I can admit that much without joining the perceived conservative constellation of ignorance, passive aggression and latent homosexuality.

I've gotten used to the new shavette. I don't think it was really the cheap handle that kept my fourth finger off the spine, but the longer blade. I have no idea how I'd go about constructing non-parallel scales, so that's never going to happen, anyway.

But I still don't get a better shave, even taking skin avoidance into account. Better than before, with the same razor, yes. I have a different expectation of how the blade should be progressing, smoothly, in accordance with everything I've heard about straight razors. So I'll leave some stubble and add some draw, and not go for the root until I get to that spot under my chin -- and keep it at the lowest possible pitch, even then. The open blade is better at eliminating that shadow, but leaves a lot of stubble on my neck. An acceptable shave. Comfortable, close and even enough. I guess, for the first time, I can say that I could get along without safety razors.

Had a touch of sunburn on my forehead yesterday. Witch hazel solution seemed to stop it from developing, as burns sometimes do, at night. KMF-VDH croap is becoming a moisturizing habit, and seems to balance perfectly with the witch hazel as preshave.

Speaking of witch hazel, the pumpkin/U.S.P. mix has become noticeably cloudy, decreasing my confidence that there isn't some carcinogenic ester lurking in there. Oh, well. I'll always have the pumpkinsicles.

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