Princess Power

One of the smoothest shaven men I have ever encountered was a flea market customer who recommended hair conditioner. Whether as preshave or lubricant I didn't gather or cannot recollect, but for me, it has to be preshave. Even then, fatty alcohols leave my skin poofy and delicate-feeling.

But I now have a solution for that: witch hazel solution, almost perfectly opposite in skin effect. Also good for erecting hair.

Disney princess conditioner was the nearest reach, and promised "no tears" -- all the better! First the conditioner, wiped off as a cleanser, then the extra, more aqueous, second oil cleanse.

Arko laid down some extra protection: I was going deep with my Yingjili TTO, for flea market day, and the same Racer blade.

Four passes is what it took to get there without crossing the traction threshold, but I got to the roots as planned, with the new skin-pushing to finish.

Don't know how long I can keep it up. It certainly sets a low standard for skin condition. I skipped the alum and indulged in a splash of Florida Water. A few hours later, as I get sweaty and oily, is when it starts to burn. Lightly, but clearly indicative.

I think when you invade the follicles, there's always gonna be that opposing side of the cavity, a tiny strip of skin behind the hair, that presents itself to the blade at an unavoidably vulnerable angle.

If I could get the hair to come out that far, then whack it off at a low angle, it would be much preferable.

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