Snapping back to the center of my shaving universe accentuated what makes it so great for me. To do what I have to do, pitch the angles I have to pitch, a fresh Personna in the Rimei is just the easiest razor to use. I can hold a low angle well enough to take the first pass in long strokes. There's enough exposure to nail my re-emergent XTG pass (shaving by ear) at near-zero traction.

What I cannot do is just plow ATG to the hair root. A certain steepness can be approached obliquely, keeping to the surface, and my skin likes that, even if the stubble is a little less blunt and velvety as a result. That's what I notice different from yesterday's shave, and some more missed hairs. I had to go back to the Adam's apple dry, which cerainly took as much skin as hair, to get the same stragglers as yesterday, now intolerable.

I then realized that I had forgotten to apply aftershave! Skin Bracer, better late than never, stung that spot and gave me some menthol coolness (rare for me), but I'm going to have to wash it all off to get comfortable. Noxzema, jojoba, Williams and the menthol residues aren't letting my skin relax. Might as well wait until I work up a sweat gardening.

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