Single Edge Foils Out

Between blades and late for the parade, I splashed some witch hazel and whipped up some very wet Williams, then reached for my Clog-Pruf.

Still loaded with the first Treet Super (CVS) blade, who knows how many shaves it had on it? Couple weeks, maybe, plus neck cleanings and callus removals. I feel like I got my money's worth, like from a backup goalie... the razor that always makes the save.

The low angle shaver cleaned me up well enough. Not as velvety as yesterday, due to the stubs not being cut as squarely, evenly, or closely. But it raked over the cut on my chin safely, despite being quite dull. Yesterday's shave came to mind at the flip-floppy foil feeling, but since the edge had less left on it, no hazard.

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