Et Tu, Tech?

It's been two days since I put away the NEW LC and moved the broken-in Baili blade to the travel Tech (which is actually a full-sized razor, in my collection, thanks to a Merkur clone handle). I always thought of it as a less agressive option, but now, knowing what essentially untouched skin is like with the Merkur, I'm not so sure.

I can control the edge to keep the cutting at the skin surface, holding back from BBS, certainly. It isn't the plowing machine that the NEW was, and may be my most maneuverable razor. But I was still exfoliated, with a prep of Noxzema and Williams. The stubble is a bit uneven feeling. What seems like more below the jawline might be the same length as is hidden in my cheeks, only more stabby, like an array of pikes. Not velvety. Maybe I over-extended my neck, and didn't get the bullfrog effect... but the jaw corners are too sharp, also.

You know what I think it is? I wasn't shaving deep enough to tug and align tension correctly ATG. The Merkur can generate tug without shaving that close, thanks to its comb. Whereas the NEW couldn't help it because of the combination: tug drove it home to the depth of its Tech-like gap.

How many of these options do I really need? I know my skin isn't good enough to think about going deep with the Tech, so it's time for the Super Speed to step up on this shifting theoretical ground.

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  1. The stubble didn't turn out so bad in the evening. Let's just say, it's a good thing I don't get ingrowns.