No Turkey

My usual method of cheating the BBS concept, out of respect for my skin, is to moisturize strategically. If the hair can be plumped up before the cut, and the skin afterward, it could add up to a negative stubble elevation. I did some reading about the fatty alcohols, and one blog
described them as occlusive and emulsifier. so I'm a bit puzzled about my experience of poofiness. It would seem to be a disruption of the lipid "mortar" between the corneocytes, which I suppose would affect me more strongly as an oily dude. But at least it's a shallow effect, then.

So I added a squirt of generic fatty alcohol cleanser to my hair softening serum, and made that my preshave, combining the oil cleanse and the hair hydration. The hair did not feel soft, but maybe that was just because it was still very short. I made sure to wipe off everything, as that goop ruins lather, and proceeded with Williams, the Racer blade and Yingjili DEvette razor again, to ensure I stayed on the edge opposite yesterday's.

Alum only pricked on some high spots, cumulative surface exfoliation. Not the blade's fault, but I'm done with it. Cocoa butter put the plump in my skin afterward. If you rub ATG around my Adam's apple, you'll get some scratching on your fingertips. To the lightest touch, it's smooth; a cotton ball is quickly pulled apart, however. I guess I've still got some learning to do. Pretty close, though!

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