Simple Seven Bathroom Commodities

If you know how to cook, your freezer is full of meat and vegetables, instead of breakfast sandwiches and burritos. Your pantry has rice, flour, sugar... not tumbling boxes of brownie mix. The bathroom cupboard makes a similar distinction.

1. Alum - doesn't lie: if it stings, you didn't shave right. Bonus underarm deodorant.

2. Baking Soda - half of a hair softening serum, and glycerin-free toothpaste alternative

3. Castor Oil - viscous base of shaving oil; puts the cleanse in oil cleansing

4. Witch Hazel - U.S.P. is an itch-defeating rinse for soap scum, but the alcohol reduced version makes a hair-raising preshave

5. Dietary Clay - strengthens barriers, inside and out

6. Jojoba Oil - the most sebum-like plant oil

7. Cocoa Butter - for plump, chocolatey skin

I almost included generic Cetaphil and Noxzema, but they're more like the best of the cosmetics. Cleansers that put most of the moisturizer where it belongs: down the drain. Bathroom versions of Ragu and Shake-n-Bake?

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