One More Shavette Shave

Half a Racer blade was rattling around, ready to go, in the little kit where I keep the blades and the shavettes, so I pulled out the more familiar Sedef to see what my hands have learned from recent exploration.

Man, was I shaving fast! I already know the DE shaving pattern, of course. Understanding more clearly that this is essentially a razor with limited traction control took the brakes off XTG in particular. Because on WTG, you have to pitch up a little to catch hair, increasing the insidious downforce. The skin is shielded by the hair itself, but it's a drag nonetheless.

My dominant hand asserted itself and took charge with a very sketchy backhand grip. I suspect this was learnt from back shaving as much as from the Chinese shavette's tighter hinge. Incidentally, the synthetic leather washers that made that joint tighter on the new shavette, are now beginning to fall apart, suggesting that the screw was too tight to begin with.

There are a lot of not-so-clean spots that I would attribute to loose grip, and I caught a nick under my ipsilateral jaw. Saddest of all, I still couldn't beat Williams drying out before I got to the lower neck!

It's been fun, but I'm definitely ready to go back to safety razors now.

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