Pardon Me -- I Exfoliated

I can't take back the skin, but I can apologize for suggesting that a DE with a lot of exposed blade is equivalent to a shavette. Using the Dragonfeng DF-813 in a traction-conscious manner, I could not avoid dulling my face. Blade flex converted all resistance to angular error. Forgot about that! One of my shavettes clamps half a DE close to the edge, on both sides; the other uses a thicker blade. They are distinctly different, almost opposite in function, to a razor with central clamping ridges.

The low angle worked pretty well, but it just wasn't right from the second pass onward. Pushing the skin toward the edge wasn't a complete disaster, interestingly. But it feels like, and looks like, a cartridge shave. (But isn't that a good thing? You must be new to the blog: welcome!) It probably didn't help that I chose this morning to revisit Stirling, because I could feel my skin blowing up immediately with glycerin. No blood, at least. And I found out: witch hazel solution doesn't necessarily keep the alum from burning.

Exploration must continue with the DEvette, tomorrow.

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