Reach Back Hair with a Shavette

I'm only talking about shaving in the broadest sense, here, of removing hair with a single edge, opposed only by skin. You could probably get someone to do this for you with a santoku at the lakeside barbeque, for an entertaining display. But it's not something I'd want to bring to anyone's attention, so here's a way to get 'er done, independently.

Open a shavette and wrap a good rubber band around the end of the handle a few times. Slide it up near the joint to restrict the tail, holding the razor straight open. On mine, that only keeps the folding within a wishy-washy 8 degrees or so, but it's firm enough to whack at long hairs in the middle of your back, holding the tip of the handle in your fingertips.

Of course, you should shave as much as you can reach "normally," though I'm not 100% sure the "freehand" and "backhand" grip terminology still applies when your arm is bent back upside-down... yeah, I guess so. And I should note that I only attack this problem when a blade has exhausted its useful sharpness on my face, which probably makes it less likely to whip.


Actually, I'm not sure where my Personna hair shaper blade stands right now. It was broken in well enough to pitch it up on my neck, giving me a very passable lower neck shave. The threatening feel of the open blade there can be a big drawback. I was whacking away with impunity around my mouth, too. But the concavities of the neck, underjaw, and even between the sideburn and jaw corner are not clean, despite three passes. ATG was not safe and smooth, forcing me to back off, and I got a nick under my chin on XTG.

I'll keep trying.

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