Really Minimal

Pumpkin is off probation this week, and glycerin back in the doghouse. Williams, pumpkin juice, and cocoa butter logically constitute a complete regimen, when the toning function follows alum's astringency. That way, the tighter SC never has greater volume than the substrata.

It's tight and shiny, you bet, but somehow it balances out as moisture naturally returns, over the course of the day. No itching (the warning sign of scarring) no burning. Best of all, no exfoliation. Well, next to none. This shine didn't happen because I shaved it down to the substrate itself, and that makes all the difference. The cocoa butter makes it look and feel good, right off the bat.

I can still Noxzema at night -- which apparently I will be doing to my hands anyway, so long as the foot-off is happening.

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