Bypassing The Compressor

"Yeowhooo!" screamed my inner R2 unit (don't tell me you haven't internalized any Star Wars characters) as the Travel Tech zipped around my face this morning. It exposes a lot less edge than the Rimei, and thus has the comfort elements of the R10 shave, but all the responsiveness and feedback of the Rimei -- actually better handling, with the beveled top cap.

My best shaves are not the naval undertaking implied by yesterday's post, but a million rocket shots of hairs, out of the thin atmosphere of lather. Or in the mirror perspective, a multitude of stars zooming past as the hyperdrive engages. I have long considered myself a "cosmetonaut." I think the back construction holds true for "cosmetonautics," the branch of public service for which we're training here. The science and practice of (blade) traveling through lather (or other shaving substrate).

For entertainment value, this beat up razor is either my X-wing or Millennium Falcon, depending on which identifies with my beat up Super Speed. Because I've put a classic Merkur-style, solid brass handle on the Tech, it would seem to be the heavier craft. And accepting shims would be analagous to Chewie's ceaseless tinkerings.

"Great, kid! Don't get cocky."

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