Sweat And Pumpkin Juice

My skin looked dry in the morning, but of good volume, after the clay water. Some heavy wet snow gave me a workout this morning, so I tried something different: skip the Noxzema, skip the baking soda, to see if those two ingredients are the equivalent of sweating, as I currently think of them.

Pumpkin juice perked up the hair a little, but not much. The shave was tuggy. The lather was wet, but thin, and I kept it to two passes. There was no chance of getting really close. On the other hand, the first pass alone could have been sufficient, with the extra leverage I was able to apply. Next time I get a workout, I'm going to add oil, and use that to gauge how softening it really is.

After a shower, my skin exhibited a shredded appearance, which I interpret as long, directional cracks having half-exfoliated. There was an itchy spot on the jawline. So, clay, I conclude, is purely drying. Even if it helps internal healing, and improves appearance, it's not going to protect or infuse the surface with anything useful.

It reminds me of how clay treated my leaky gut. At first, I was amazed at the muscle tone in my abdomen, but then there were two holidays dedicated to the consumption of sweets. I'm carrying my spare tire again, and this time, it isn't just swelling, it's fat tissue. On my face, at least the extra tissue is a good thing.

So I went back to my manly 3-in-1 moisturizer. After all this drying out, it burned me! Just like the heavy lotions I remember from winters in the 80s. I had to back it off.  It was enough to make the itchy spot go away, at least. And since this shave was velvety pretty much from the get-go, I think I'm in line for a truly spectacular shave tomorrow.

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