Day Of Faceturbation

My wife's been going to the gym for one of those insane cross-training classes. I wasn't really on board with it -- late dinners, fussy kids -- until I got a squeeze. It seems there's more to it than meets the eye!

So it is with today's shave. Exact same prep as yesterday, but no difficulty at all. Two pass, very fine shave. And I can't stop rubbing it... a-HA! It's that sneaky progression of skin cells, stimulated by last night's pumpkin juice, on its way to tomorrow's thicker stratum corneum. 

Actually, though, I was rubbing myself a lot yesterday, too. The nice, square stubble, emerging from a well hardened skin surface, also provoked tactile appreciation. Is it just the satisfaction of being a living G.I. Joe doll?

I don't think so. I think there was a subconscious imbalance in the skin strata then, as well. Stroking, flexing the skin, depressing the follicles, momentarily relieves the tension that, taken to extremes, would otherwise become itch or burn.

In the ultimate perfection of my shaving routine, there should be little or no faceturbation. I addressed it today by moisturizing, some hours after the shave. Oh, but it still feels good!

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