One of my kids is just like me. I'm glad she's a girl! Adept, agile, but somehow clumsy when it comes to falling on her face. Smart, shy, sensitive -- all better on a girl. I look forward to her academic excellence. When I was her age, that was indicated by an "O" on the report card, for Outstanding. The curves on which kids are graded are too big for that nowadays, I guess, which should spare her the damage done to my ego.

Arko gave me a sign that it could stand forth last night, when the lumpiness returned. I guess I didn't lose too much skin, after all. Pumpkin juice alone was sufficient to smooth it immediately, but I got the sense that it was reacting to a substance already on or in my skin, probably the cocoa butter. There was a distinct film on my hands after I rubbed it in. Could also have been the handsoap I washed with, a fancy triple-milled thing that feels like it has oatmeal in it. The reaction was impressive, anyway, for its rapidity. Pumpkin juice: Outstanding.

I reduced the oil in my "perfect" prep to one drop, and engaged the Tech and Rimei in a challenge for the throne. The Tech provoked it by being ridiculously smooth WTG; clearly there would be no consequences from yesterday at all. Unlike most side-by-sides you see, I just quickly passed the same blade between the two razors, four times. The Tech was better out at the jaw corners, less picky, but the Rimei chowed down on the midline. There was a misload on third pass: I've been noticing the Rimei needs more fiddling with lately, for some reason, though no damage is apparent. But it redeemed itself on pickups, able to lightly swipe things that the Tech couldn't reach. Long live the Emperor! The Tech will remain President of Smooth. Both: Outstanding.

Super Speed, the Czar of Environmental Protection, will remain seated in the medicine cabinet as well. You know what I really need, the technical advance this experiment points to, is an adjustable top cap. Retractable trim bars near the edge, like on an airplane wing. That one's on the house, insane razor designers -- another path to potential riches which I'll gladly pass up.

Speaking of wealth, big news: for the first time in my life, I have paid more than $10 for a bar of soap! Thanks to a generous Amazon card gift (from Willie's family, when we finally got together for late Xmas), I put down $11 for Pre de Provence "No. 63." I've had my eye on PdP for a long time, since I was on the forums and a member graciously noted the sodium chloride in its ingredients. I take that as a sign of reduced glycerin. There are many other indicators that this soap can fill the vacant luxury lot in my new soap lineup. It's difficult to contain my enthusiasm and expectations, but I will stop there for now.

In the same vein, I've struck out on a quest for Florida Water alternatives, too, with Pinaud Lime Sec and Duru Limon. The ethereal ideal of a minimalistic setup continues to elude me, but at least the categories are diminishing!

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