Aftershaving Like a Normal Person

Breakthrough! A heavy, direct application of Aqua Velva Musk, fully wetting the surface of my face, penetrated in a tingly-warm sort of way, and fizzled out without burning me at all! No dilution, no wet cloth backing it off my face. Penetration simply stopped short of my nerve endings, as the alcohol evaporated. How thick can my skin become? Nobody knows! How did this happen? Let's review.

Combe, Inc. products catalyzed my first growth spurt by "killing" keratinocytes, making them into corneocytes. Low glycerine content helped the buildup remain intact, apparently, by avoiding direct explosion of the SC, and preventing false "moisture" signals to the granular layer. There may be other chemical factors increasing the cohesion of skin proteins; the old Williams producers implied as much in their advertising.

On the opposite side of the clock, meanwhile, I applied my exfoliator, pumpkin juice. Keeping things smooth and not bumpy seems to depend on an orderly slough, as opposed to the gross flaking seen after reverting to high-glycerine (KMF). Plus, it stimulates more cells to grow. Thickening the "living" layers of epidermis came as a surprise, but that is the natural order of things.

The subtle swellings and shrinkings of various strata are sometimes reflected in skin texture re-emerging, mild warmth, or an urge to faceturbate, all of which can be safely addressed by moisturizer (containing glycerin). But in light of the above, that is no longer applied immediately after the shave. Instead, vitamin D3 shaving oil seals the freshly shorn surface without swelling it, and may send a beneficial growth signal ("It's summer!") to the deepest skin layers.

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