Putting Pumpkin in Its Place

In the interim between posts, I've been trying to make sense of the stratum corneum review I finally finished, and editing the "Post Shave" disquisition like a madman. Spoiler on the medical paper: the ending was disappointing, pointing to a need for more cosmeceutical products.

In shaving, or at least in my budget-conscious collection, that approach is represented by Dove Expert Shave cream. I used it recently, and noted an unusually greasy residue on my new, thicker skin. Interestingly, though, I had the sense it was exuding from myself. But as far as my current aims in skin texture, that day was a bit of a setback. Just slightly. Still my first choice when in a hurry.

My improvement of the "perfect" routine seemed to hit a wall at pumpkin juice. That alkaline serum seems is just too exfoliating for the midline area. There has been no resurgence of bumps -- in fact, the two I was tracking on my cheeks are no longer detectable, much to my relief. Things are definitely smoother, but I see a consistent pattern from the seborrheic area near my nose, to the rougher texture on the mouth side of my cheeks, and chin.

So, plan "B": today I dropped the serum from the shave, and will only exfoliate at night before bed. I didn't dig for a great shave, with stiffer beard in play: two passes, oblique strokes only. The result is not as close, but visually, no worse. I've been getting used to 10 hour shaves, and I expect at least 6 from this. Will hope for 8.

Another new kind of injury was noted today, in the shaving area nearest the nose: a tiny red line, like piece of lint, a capillary broken in a shallow fissure. I suppose it could be the same thing as the "invisible" bleeding from before. My complexion is overall becoming more ruddy, if not blotchy. Can't say I love it, but if it's part of epidermal thickening, I'll take it.

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