Soft And Dry

Pinaud Lime Sec reminds me of times when I tried to make beans and rice, and didn't quite succeed. It's a kind of beany, ferric smell, which makes me wonder if my head is not the bean in the recipe. I did have a couple of weepers today.

Like a bitch, I blamed the blade. After only two weeks? Hardly seems reasonable, but there was one stroke that went completely sideways, and could have been much worse, and so that was my reaction, having also felt some roughness previously. I was going for BBS under my chin, trying PdP with the whole routine. As so often happens, I almost succeeded. I could see skin chips afterward, and the finish was a bit tacky before the cologne. True to the original French - "sec" means "dry" -- that was well taken care of. Glycerin has obviously softened me, too.

It suggests that fancy soap is meant to stand alone, or again, maybe with an oil. Time to mix up some more vitamin D stuff. I've been using Shave Secret pretty regularly, and it's coming across less like a James Bond, more like a Tricky Dick (or a Marco Rubio): I don't trust it. Not that I've caught it doing anything wrong... yet. Maybe it's the menthol. Maybe it just looks really bad next to the vitamin D.

My face also needs Hans and Franz, Williams and AV Musk. Too much soft living. Results are in for the foot exfoliation, btw.

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