Happy Neck-Shaving Day

Just a little Valentine's Day reminder... you probably don't need to lather up to straighten up the neckline of your haircut. Just a handheld mirror, to look back at your bathroom mirror with and see the back of your head, and a DE. Steep, square strokes, riding on the safety bar. Now why not bust out the scissors, comb down that forelock, and straighten that out, too? Clear around the ear? You just saved ten bucks! (Buy me some roses tomorrow, when they're half price.)

My Valentine shave is one of the very closest. The Flying Eagle was retired after shaving my neck; I just don't think it's been helping me lately, the performance degrading in terms of both skin and hair. #1 USA Personna filled the vacancy, and for extra caution, the Super Speed. I skipped the oil, and brought in the pumpkin juice, for a lot of water activity, or "velocity," as Roberts would have said. Putting the serum right on Noxzema stank of ammonia, and Williams dried right out without any oil; probably shoulda gone with Arko this time. But I did all the touch-ups and got my BBS with little soreness; alum prickled some; AV Musk had to be backed off, this time.

I tried putting some cocoa butter on before the splash, but I still have no idea how much coverage I'm getting. It's like using a stick of chalk to apply powder. I can just feel the softness with my fingertips when I rub it in, whatever "it" amounts to. After an outing in the cold, I could see the surface was completely dried out, but I still have the smoothness.

I guess I have to rub my hands together to get some heat up, and actually melt it down in my palm if I want to use it as a postshave. It's also not good to stretch a freshly shaven face too hard, and the stick does drag. That technique goes back to the original post I saw... still can't find a link, so thanks, man, whoever you are! (And whatever group you're in, that I got kicked out of, lol.)

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