Three Strikes and You're In

I could make fun of the neotraditional DE shaving practice of tossing a blade after three shaves all day long. Even when blades were dull as f--, which I'm guessing the original Gillettes were, you were expected to draw strokes and make it work for a month.

The range drops to as low as 10 shaves in other ads. I'm slowly coming around to the view that the old Gillette corporation was always probably as full of shit as any other corporation. They would have advised whatever was expedient to ensure profit, their primary function. In the twenties, Gillette was becoming embroiled in competition. When blades got down to 5 cents apiece (and you could buy a steak for that), they were already suggesting that you could change blades more frequently to get a closer shave.

Since the early advertisements also referred to shaves taking three minutes, and the results being "velvety smooth," you might reasonably guess that the old ads weren't talking about a month of BBS. And so here, at least lately, I see at least the possibility of siding with the modern DE tossers, taking a square ATG stab at the roots to conclude each shave. But supposedly, shaves could be "as close as desired" with the Old blades, too.

So I wonder, how is it going to pan out? I know from experience that the shaves only get better. I've gotten through the worst shaves, I think. I'm still nursing a red spot on the neck, which doesn't hurt, and a modern luxury shave with Noxzema and Dove Expert Shave seems to have brought a halt to any new damage, on the fourth use of the blade. I can estimate from post dates that I only put a couple weeks on each of the preceding blades, working up to everyday BBS. More exfoliation could hurt an edge, along with my face. But I doubt it will matter now. I'm going for the month of March madness... no, mud season madness!


  1. Don't you hate it when Blogger won't let you edit your posted comment?


    It's all about money. No company will every have your best interest in mind when their bottom line is at stake. Gillette is selling their Power Fusion Glide 8 pack on Amazon for 32 Somalia's. But they sell Russian made DE blades made in Russia at 100 blade box for 17 bucks. They know that Russian's aren't stupid (or wealthy) and they can make a good profit over there.

    Reminds me years ago when Microsoft was looking the other way when people were stealing and loading their software on computers right and left. Then when they got everyone hooked on their drugs, and forced their competition into bankruptcy they jacked up the prices and out came the lawyers. Remember Netscape navigator? Who wanted to pay 50 bucks for something that Microsoft gave away for free. Me? I ran Linux for 15 years! I didn't like their drugs and I liked free software!

    Marketing is everything! A good marketing dept. can sell and Eskimo an icebox!

    But I digress....

    1. Apple got into my school -- the Commie strategy. But they priced me out, too, in the end. Google will never screw us, though...lo!