Maybe the Wrong Day to Skip Deodorant

One of the greatest stresses a man can suffer, they say, is losing his spouse; his own life expectancy drops dramatically. Today my wife was up for major surgery, and it went our way, luckily. (Well, I'm sure her right breast feels differently.) But, even that relief was enough to break me down.

I probably should have shaved and washed up first, but I could barely manage to roll out at the ungodly hour of 5 a.m. -- or whatever it was, for I was not aware of very much at all, except some indigestion. My brain came online about a mile down the road, when I observed that the darkest hour really is before the dawn.

When all was said and done, I went a day and a half without grooming, and that was all the opportunity my right armpit needed to put an athletic t-shirt out of commission. I don't think that was the first smell one would have noticed on me, however; and the outer garment was spared. My build-a-film deodorant method may be the best discovery to come out of this whole blog!

Ooh, Edible Arrangements have arrived. Her allies are very powerful.

When You're Right, You're Right

Mr. Gatza, you called it! Half the blades gave me twice as good a shave this evening. An apparently well-worn SuperMax "system razor" with 3 blades kept me on track with the BBS, albeit a bit too late to keep me looking good, which might be considered cheating. I think it was called "Flexx-3" when I bought, but now I only find "Swift-3" marketing. (It's a different color, and they improved the blade coating, apparently.)

It's at least as cheap as the disposable was --  the whole "system" is disposable, at $3/10 cartridges. But the plastic spacers in place of extra blades meant that less traction was applied over a comparable area.  I also felt I could shave deeper, as if each blade had DE-like function... to a degree. That is, it felt very much like "shaving," WTG, though not all lather was immediately removed from the tracks of my strokes.

I know my old Sensor would clean the track WTG, and that's why I wouldn't relish going ATG with just the two blades. I don't think those had any dummy blades holding the skin out of the way. The best way to avoid clogging might be to avoid exfoliating; the Flexx-3 rinsed relatively easily, and I definitely had a tell-tale mask of cornification in the early morning/ last night, after the six-bladed wonder.

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