Dry Shaving Again

My "BBS" shave drew a comment yesterday, but it wasn't the good kind: my wife had a good view of my burn from the front passenger seat. Yep, a visible burn: one more injury to check off my list. But the thing was, by evening it was cool. My skin actually felt better than it had when I was hitting hair roots with a dull blade. I could almost see how exfoliating could work for a guy.

Aiming for a lower angle still, I switched from the Slim to Rimei 2003 "Mimi." I picked my KMF-VDH croap to soften up any microscopic scabs ;) and had a great shave, at least from the jawline up. Worked hard on the jaw corners this time, but the lower neck still came up short, forcing me to dry shave again. Looks a little pink, but not too bad.

I almost abandoned the BBS project, actually, because up until that point, it was a really nice shave. I could see some dry flaking, or light shredding, rather, of the skin surface, and felt I needed the cocoa butter, but what I saw was restricted to where it should be, in the SC.

Could I, too, jump from the smooth to the sharp kind of blade? The combination of a picky blade with a dangerous razor isn't one I'd normally be drawn to, given my skin situation, but it turned out to be perfect, given the conditions of this BBS exercise. Higher traction from the blade complements the low-angle, straight-razor style.

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  1. NEXT DAY -- kept it wet, yay! Too many pickups on the neck still, though -- and after three passes, digging deep didn't feel good at all.