Those Who Cannot Do

So, four years is pretty good, right? To learn how to shave with a DE razor? Lol. By George, I think I've got it!

Williams whipped up just the way I like it, in a scuttle, no preshave. I did use my cleansing exfoliator formula (with fiber) last night, though. It's very dark orange now, pumpkin-slime looking, having gotten progressively cloudier... but oddly, smells clean, like artificial strawberry. I still don't know if that means it's carcinogenic or not, but it's a clue for me to research, at least.

The Astra SS blade is getting smooth. Me and my "Mimi" Rimei are working together like champion figure skaters, but in small patches, not long strokes. I finally hit home in that trouble spot under my chin, with an upward, forward, strongly skewed stroke that looked a bit dangerous in the mirror. Much of the finishing pass was accomplished with the top cap pressed full depth into my face, the very picture of efficiency.

The even resistance to my strokes feels like exfoliating in the tactile sense, but turns out perfectly okay on the skin side. I don't know. I am one shiny motherf--er, and I can see my moustache through the skin a little more clearly than usual. I diluted just-like Brut with a few drops of water and splashed, then broke out the Nivea Men creme I've been meaning to try. Not bad! Didn't feel like I had to wipe it off... probably should have, anyway, on principle. It seems to be compatible with the build-a-film deodorant method.


  1. Aristotle: Those that know, do. Those that understand, teach.