Stella To The Rescue

Baili BD177 "Stella" handled both the aggressive Astra SS blade, and my habitual aggression, by giving me a nice, even, "velvety" shave, aka CCS. The bump near my contralateral jaw corner began to shrink. But the next day, I was backsliding, loosening the blade slightly for light touchups.

And today, I was back at it, taking advantage of Tabac to go BBS, with a thoroughly modern technique: ATG under the jawline on pass 1. Not to shave closer per se, but to avoid the skin, and coincidentally shaving closer than WTG. Planing the hair away in mid-air... or mid-lather, rather. I suppose this must be how the Feather and other picky-blade people operate, on a regular basis. Then, pass 2, back at the skin ATG, and pass 3, opened up and full leverage. I guess I was relaxed enough about the Adam's apple to earn a technical disqualification, had cotton been applied.

This razor is really growing on me. Cheap looking, but proves itself repeatedly. The picky blades are growing on me. The BBS is sticking.

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