BBS Is Chasing ME!

I am not the master of my own mien. There's a barber on my back!

When I set out to "shave casually," all I accomplished was to shift my laziness to the first pass. But I shaved the same patches out of habit, instead of the planned long strokes. Then I found I had missed some odd hairs because I was screwing around. But, because most of the rest was shaved close, those felt like they were sticking a mile out of my face. Again, habit informed my hands that the best way to do that was directly ATG, followed by significant touching up. But really, the missed hair was too long for that.

SO I ended up BBS again... but with blotches and weepers. I think I need dry touchups on the ipsilateral neck near the jaw corner.

I have seriously underestimated the force of habit.

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