And, Just Like That was over. I loaded my Williams insufficiently to balance the coconut oil smeared in my scuttle, leaving me with little more than one pass' worth of lather, after prep. I squeezed out a second pass by gathering all foam left on the puck, generating an oily crema, but it wasn't enough. I missed on the contralateral jaw corner, and no tentative, dry shaving WTG would bring it back. Even the most lax of rubbing tests, light rubbing with the back of my fingers, caught some stubble. One might have hoped that this would spare the bump on my jawline, near the missed stubble, but no. That got nailed on the first pass, thanks to my shitty lather.

Laziness, no doubt. It's really nothing to complain about, though. It hasn't been so long that I don't remember what to do: styptic, greasy ointment, aftershave. Damage barely visible. A DFS, any other day.

Anyway, I've been wanting to open up my strokes with the Rimei again, just let fly and have a good, casual shave. And so, the daily BBS exercise ends here. I've gained a new stroke, and a greater appreciation of rubbed-in lather.

Getting Social Again

Without announcing myself, I've started posting long-winded replies to /r/wickededge. (Did I say that right?) It seems like it should be a friendly place for bloggers, as it always seemed like Leisureguy's book promotion site to me, lol. But I'm sure we'll see if my sense of decorum is adequate, soon enough.

Shavettes In The Mail

I get a sense that the 62-mm, double cabinet-style blade that I like may be going out of style, so I dropped $10 for yet another Chinese shavette, fearing it may not be available much longer.

Even though I can load the Sedef with a little bit of work, making it the most versatile of shavettes, IMO, this one just flips open and clips shut, without having to snap the blade in half. We'll see if it holds tightly enough. And this deal comes with a bonus DE shavette with the same mechanism, if it turns out that I really dig it.

Here the blade is referred to as a Cloud DD77 type, but when you search that, a different blade comes up, with a hole in the center. The only other thing I've seen was a hair shaper, and I have no interest in those. I think they definitely ripped off Tondeo, but missed a beat when Tondeo itself changed its blade, or decided to drop the older blade altogether.

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