A Poor Start

I imagine the worst thing one could do to an edge is shave dry, but that's where I ended up today. I surmised from my re-reading of Bosse that he, like NeedsMoreMenthol, avoids digging as long as possible to prolong blade life, keeping to the low angle and "no pressure." This is indicated by a progression of razors from Tech to Super Speed to Old types, though I would argue that the latter, when loosened, is a free agent. But he avoided picky blades, only coming back to Feather with a highly developed technique.

I actually suspect that we shave exactly the same, only he is limited to a conventional vocabulary (probably multilingual, which is sort of the opposite of what I am), and is at a different developmental stage. I readily accept that I still have to put in the hours, and will avoid being chided by my internalized role model for overthinking.

Yet, a taste of heroism was within easy reach this morning, in the form of my Gillette Slim. And in place of the Feather, I chose my last Astra SS, the un-smooth brother of Astra SP. Dialed down to 5, even the most errant knight ought to be able to swing that. I lathered Williams the right way, this time, but only enough for two passes.

This was a great choice for picking up where I left off with the Personna Platinum Chrome, because the traction was excellent, and I could indeed continue improving my skills, efficiently shaving at the most shallow depth. Where it went wrong was, after drying down, part of a neck swirl and one jaw corner were not BBS. The spot I managed to take down safely, but I irritated the hell out of that jaw corner.

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