Rex Quondam, Rexque Futurus

Google, or rather, the internet, is frustrating me more often than not lately. I therefore felt as if I had struck gold while researching the blade longevity question, and this information from "NeedsMoreMenthol" turned up. He personifies what I've theorized, with his very different facial constitution: coarse, erect hair. This he cuts at a low angle, with the blade elevated and long strokes, not fussing with BBS. (Just the sort of guy I'd try to sell a Rimei to.)

But he has visualized the forces opposing the edge just as I would, thus completing the picture. My hair isn't standing up, and that's why I'm unable to commit to a long run of low-angle shaves. I need to get down into the skin, for the bracing support it gives to the hair. I can utilize the techniques of a Tech, but it won't give me the closest shave. Funny thing is, I really appreciate both types of shave, and will never break the dyads of my razor collection. I'm on the BBS kick now, but can't imagine committing to Super Speed type razors exclusively.

The marketing citadel at Badger and Blade is really a prison. Once in awhile I consider editing my "Developing Touch" page for general readership, but unfortunately, it is a necessary element to the story. It's not just that people are hopeless consumers. The truth has been actively buried.

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