Better Than Oil Cleansing?

My little hair tonic creation proved to be an amazing one-shot nighttime skin cleanser last night. I squirted some into my hands (the gel consistency rather defeats my fine mist sprayer), and rubbed it in, then wiped it off like an oil cleanse. Plus a final rinse with a soaked cloth. (Which is actually how I now use soap as well.) I went to bed with skin softer than I had ever felt it, and awoke with the shaving area feeling "hard," which to me indicates maximum stratum corneum. I figured I was due for a great shave.

Slim settings 7-5-9 are my most dynamic. "7" is the natural, WTG; "5" keeps the blade off my skin, even where I've taken some lumps, sliding ATG; and "9" gives me the reach I need into my follicles for BBS.

Which I know will cost me some stratum corneum. But if no inflammatory response is provoked, I can get away with it, and I've been one-pass shaving for the past couple days, with the black-handled Super Speed.

Just in case, I started with a full 3-drop application of Shave Secret, and didn't wipe it off before covering with Arko. Oil would be the correct solvent for a dried gel, if that were really all I was feeling. And I had cured Witch Hazel for an extra-gentle aftershave.

The sensation of non-inflamed skin drying down is unmistakable. This little flow-chart popped into my head.

Hyperosmotic effect (glycerin)______
Injury (blade, alcohol)_____________\______inflammation_____old bag-face
Insult (sweat + residues) __________/

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