Less Than Successful

Today's shave was a non-winner, but doggedly BBS, with the same blade in Parker 87R "Ruby." Neck weepers arose as I omitted the third pass, trying to take advantage of her greater natural reach. In practice, that meant shaving on water for repeated touch-ups. I guess you can see the problem, there: repeated... touchups.

User error. Good day for potassium alum, coagulating the blood and Italian Barber soap for easy clean-up. I was more successful separating out a pure cocunut oil application to my face, then adding a touch of splash for my neck and pits. Just had to add a step, there, and wipe my hand, duh.

If Mimi is my old favorite, Ruby is the recent, and I think they have a little bit of blade flex in common, which just bit me in the dermis again, albeit in a different way, piking rather than over-exfoliating. The vintage and modern categories were resegregated as three pairs today: Ruby and Mimi, the two Bailis, and the vintage, Slim and Super Speed. I think I'll give Chaoying a shot next, then Slim to finish the blade.

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