What Can I Do With a Dangerous Razor?

I finally dialed the Rimei in, for a bloodless shave, by skipping second pass. The extra reduction wasn't necessary. The way I've been double-stroking WTG takes the hair down to skin level, pretty much, so it makes no sense to attack from, essentially, the wrong direction, as if I had missed a bunch of stubble on the first pass. If I hit any hair, I'll hit skin just as much.

Additional strokes were only conserved, in the end, under my jaw and chin, or upper neck, where I am sure to use slanted ATG strokes before going deep with square strokes. That kind of "miss" WTG, I cannot avoid, because of the unfavorable emergent angle of the stubble. I'd probably have to pull my lower lip over my forehead to get that standing straight.

I had been trying to trash the whole "reduction" idea, replacing it with the idea of "minimizing traction." But that doesn't account for which material is being cut to generate the traction -- skin or hair. The Rimei makes the need for distinction quite clear. There is always an interference of overhanging stubble that has to be addressed before going ATG, no matter how nakedly exposed the blade.

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