A Day Without Blogs

I kept getting DNS server messages when connecting to Anthronicle's Shaving Headlines Service, so I lazily just read/listened to other things for awhile, until it mysteriously came back. Gillette has just released a new series of educational videos. I figure it must be education, because they already got sued for hysteresis claims in advertising; and yet here they are, at it again.

Actually, it begins with Procter & Gamble's corporate revision of Gillette history. Anyone with a DE razor probably knows that the equation of the current brand with the former company (now legally non-existent) is false. It just signals that they have heard our lamentations, and know very well what we think of their motivations for product development.

Animations show what they wish were happening, then their own photography shows something completely different, usually a hair being pulled by an incorrect attack. It would be a long post to actually criticize every inconsistency in this alternate reality, but given that we aren't really dialoging, I would simply bullet point the following:

  • what a barber does to tension the skin and what the rubber fins do are oppositely directed actions
  • unlike a mountain bike traversing rough trails, the razor is supposed to alter the terrain
  • every single cartridge design update has defeated some aspect of operator control, most recently the ability to skew

A DE shaver really only needs to see one user video to understand that what a Fusion Proglide does, and shaving, are two different things: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySA_eZwkISo.

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  1. Still not 100% sure what's dogging my internet, but I turned off Windows Defender, and Anthronicle loaded right up. I suspect there is a mass of (advertising + microsoft) shit we didn't ask for clogging the pipe, which in turn throws off the name server.