"Chaoying" razor BD191 was hitting so little hair on WTG that I opened her up for second pass, instead of waiting for the third, and this was the result. The razor actually came undone for a moment after getting stuck on my moustache. No blood, but I'm expecting a touch of burn in the intermediate interval (neither mid-morning nor late onset).

My gosh, it seems that I've signed up to revisit every single kind of skin insult, by embarking on this "everyday BBS" exercise! I feel like a WWII dive bomber trying to regain control of his plummeting P-38 "Lightning." If I can just pull it out....

Long showers are back in

But not glycerin shaving soap. I finally decided, based on three years of (probably unnecessary) experience battling hard water manually, that my water doesn't need a softener or super-duper filtration, just an electronic "conditioner." All this does, supposedly, is to control the precipitation of lime, so that it won't accumulate as scale, but will instead remain suspended as small particles. I haven't noticed any dramatic difference in how soap lathers. It seems to me, that would only happen if calcium carbonate were less available to chemical reaction as particles in the water, than it was when being deposited on the heater element and left as sediment in my pipes. And there was always quite a bit being deposited there.

Actually, there's still quite a bit in there, as my plumbing skills could use some refinement. I adapted the simplest approach I could find (pdf), but what I found is that the filter housing is too deep to dissolve the acid in sufficient concentration when it gets to the bottom. So, the last lines I ran, stayed fairly clogged. I want to rig something with a cottage cheese container to make the mixing chamber the right depth, for more precise loading. (And no pumping, backflushing, or siphoning, the prospect of which had kept me procrastinating until I found that one document.)

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