Wish I Could Smell Myself

I didn't know what a "chilblain" was until last week, thanks to Mom always making sure I wore socks, I guess. I also caught cold, and so could only smell the individual components of today's scent layering. Sandalwood soap, followed by coconut oil and Brut-like splash, and a spray of "Invincible," or somesuch clone of Invictus by Paco Rabanne, lol. I just thought it was interesting, that the "top," "middle," and "base" notes were kind of segregated in order of application.

It's been a rough week of shaves, since taking off my stratum corneum with the Rimei. Little hard patches of skin seemed to want to catch the blade, even when I tried switching to the Super Speed, and every stiff bristle seemed to deflect the blade into my chin. Today I finally got back to a decent level of comfort, and still lost a piece of my chin. In short, I once again conclude that the Rimei is a dangerous razor, to be wielded like a straight, no matter how easily it rides along the dermis.

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