Skin Candy for VD

I use a variety of razors, blades, brushes, soaps, and splashes, despite being a cheapskate and minimalist wanna-be. Sometimes, though, I get a glimpse of what could have been, when I started shaving. What if I knew then, what I know now? Today's shave was like a poignant valentine... to my skin.

In lieu of soft water and oil, I tried to condition my stubble with boo-boo juice mixed with a little bit of commercial hair moisturizer. I liked how it didn't penetrate the skin one bit, in light of recent excessive exfoliation.

Williams. Just Williams. Palm lathered with a soft synthetic brush, and cold water. What an overlooked luxury that simple soap is! I rubbed it in to condition the skin, even though the lather showed absolutely no sign of breaking down, today.

Rimei and Personna reunited, and it felt so good! I guess it's like they say for driving or snowmobiles, the accidents happen when you get cocky. I have new respect for the proven #1 hardware (for my face), but am no longer taking them for granted. That is, I stuck to techniques learned while using Chaoying and Wilkinson Sword: shaving in patches, extra cautious XTG. "Keeping it green," as alcoholics say. There was a little blood, but I had an unexpectedly rough shave yesterday with Super Speed and the Wilkie, and I think this was partly a consequence.

Speaking of alcohol, finally, the piece de resistance, a newly streamlined balm-and-deodorant routine using Skin Bracer aftershave. Alum to face and pits, but rinsed thoroughly from the face. A snurdle of coconut oil melted in palm, with splash mixed into an emulsion. Rubbed on the face, it remains glistening and lubricating, waiting to be rubbed off with a damp cloth as a final oil cleanse. But when rubbed over the armpits, the alum strips it right off your hands, creating a deodorant film.

Menthol is the "candy" part. I usually can't enjoy its cooling effect, due to alcohol-induced irritation. It probably will make me sweat more than with other splash, as the day wears on, and my face will need a soak. But it feels cool now!

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